Friday, April 5, 2019


If you have MS pleas consider participating in this study.

Treatment mode of action: To reduce fatigue
Number of Subjects: 610
Medication: 6-week educational fatigue management course
Location: Illinois|Minnesota|Ohio
Institutions: Case Western Reserve University, University of Minnesota, Dalhousie University Contact Information
Dr. Matthew Plow


Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute


Participants will engage in a six-week program taught by clinical experts (occupational therapists) over the phone, internet, or in-person. Participants may learn strategies that will empower them to reduce fatigue and reduce the impact of fatigue on quality of life.

Please complete intake form at

Monday, April 1, 2019

FDA approves new MS Drug that is a pill for both Relapsing and Progressive MS! Also approves Mavenclad.

The FDA has approved a drug by Novartis called Mayzent. That is a pill for both relapsing and progressive forms of Multiple Sclerosis. This is the first pill of its kind that can treat both forms. For more information check out the manufacturers website at
The FDA also approved a new pill from EMD Serono called Mavenclad. See for more info.

IOMSN Event for Patients

The International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses will be holding an event on May 4th, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel Cleveland East Beachwood. 3663 Park East Drive, Beachwood, Ohio 44122.
Interested patients should register online at 

11:00 – 12:00  Community Participants Registration

12:00 – 01:00  Complimentary Lunch

01:00 – 01:30  The Nature of Multiple Sclerosis

01:30 – 02:00  Disease Modifying Therapies in MS: Choices & Challenges

02:00 – 02:15  Break

02:15 – 02:45  Symptomatic Care in MS

02:45 – 03:15  Psychosocial Issues and How Nursing Professionals Can Help

03:15 – 03:30  Q&A / General Discussion

03:30 pm         Adjourn

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Free Sample pack of HEMPWORX FULL SPECTRUM CBD Oil Products

Many Multiple Sclerosis patients are using CBD oil for symptom relief of severe spasticity. CBD Oil does not contain the psychoactive effect of THC found in medical marijuana being sold here in Ohio. 
I have found Hempworx FULL SPECTRUM CBD Oil to be highly pure and effective and one of the most respected brands on the market.  This can not be said of a lot of other off brands. For example you can not buy pure CBD oil on Amazon. They call it Hemp Oil on Amazon and it does not contain CBD which is the active ingredient that helps with spasticity pain. Hempworx offers pure FULL SPECTRUM CBD oil products that are trustworthy.  You may have heard of the drug Sativex approved in the UK for MS Spasticity. This company is trying to get a similar CBD drug called Cannibidiol approved in the US. I can not imagine this drug will be cheap and approval seems a long way off. Current iterations of it do contain some THC which will be a hurdle getting past the FDA and doctors prescribing it. Hempworx FULL SPECTRUM CBD Oil does not contain THC.

A free sample pack of HEMPWORX FULL SPECTRUM CBD products to try for yourself can be obtained by using the below link. You pay only $11.95 Shipping and Handling Fee. 

 Free Hempworx CBD Oil Sample

Warning: I do not condone the use of any alternative product without getting a professionals opinion. Always consult your physician prior to trying any alternative treatments. I am only offering this information as a service for those that want a safe source for pure CBD oils and products. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Multiple Sclerosis Drug Company Links to Live Learning Events

 The following are links to pages where you can sign up for Live Events put on by the Drug Companies who make Multiple Sclerosis drugs that are in your area to learn about Multiple Sclerosis Treatments and Therapies.    

The events are usually presented by prominent area doctors in the field and also some have patients who have taken the drug tell personal stories. 

Most of these events include a lunch or dinner and provide a great opportunity to learn new things and to meet with others who also have MS.   

Understand that Multiple Sclerosis drugs are very expensive, so drug vendors are usually more than happy to supply an extravagant meal along with their presentation. I have personally attended many live events and have always learned something from them, met great people (and usually never walked away hungry. lol.)

Company Link

Aubagio - Aubagio is an Oral Disease Modifying Drug made by Genzyme also known as Teriflunomide. Genzyme hosts several Live Events throughout the year that you can attend       

     Aubagio Live Events Page

Ocrevus is an infusion drug for both relapsing and progressive Multiple Sclerosis. The first infusion is split over 2 weeks and consecutive infusions are given every six months. No PML has been reported as yet with this drug however it does carry some risk. 

Ocrevus Live Events Page
Image result for gilenya

Gilenya - Gilenya is an Oral Disease Modifying Drug Made by Novartis also know by the name Fingolimod. Novartis hosts both Online and Live events you can attend to learn about their offerings.

 Gilenya Live Events Page


Rebif - Rebif is an injectable Disease Modifying Drug made by EMD Serono also known as interferon beta 1-a. Rebif has a very informative website called MSLifelines. MSLifelines hosts many live and online events that allow you to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis and Rebif. EMD Serono usually requires that you are taking Rebif for you to attend an event but some are for anyone with MS. The Come to Chat events are especially good and very informative and help patients learn coping mechanisms.

Rebif Live Events Page

Ampyra - Ampyra, also known as "The Walking Pill" and by the drug name dafampridine, is one of the few types of Drugs that actually attempt to help MS symptoms made by the drug company Acorda.  Ampyra is made to help patients walk faster and achieve better balance. It does help some patients achieve much better results. 
Ampyra Live Events Page 

plegridy logoPlegridy - Plegridy is an injectable Disease Modifying Drug made by Biogen also known as peginterferon beta-a. The drug is similar to Avonex only it is not given as frequently.
Plegridy Live Events Page

Acthar Gel - Acthar is an injectable drug also know as corticotropin by Questcor that is used to treat relapses in those with MS in lieue of taking steroids. Acthar may be a treatment option for you. 
Achtar Live Events Page
 lemtrada logo

Lemtrada is an injectable infusion taken for a full week and only once per year. It is also know as alemtuzumab and like Tysabri is a monoclonal antibody drug.  Lemtrada is produced by Genzyme. 


TYSABRI® (natalizumab) is a once monthly infusion prescription medicine used to treat adults with relapsing  forms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Tysabri has one of the highest success ratings in preventing new lesions but carries considerable risks of PML. 
Tysabri Live Events Page 

Tecfidera - Tecfidera is a recent addition to the disease modifying drugs. It is a pill that is usually taken twice per day. The company that makes Tecfidera is the same one that makes Tysabri. Biogen. Tecfidera also carries a slight risk of PML so you will want to learn about this drug before you consider it. It has worked quite well for those patients receiving the drug.
Tecfidera Live Events Page

Copaxone is an injectable drug taken daily or three times per week

Mayzent Logo


Now Approved
MAVENCLAD® (cladribine) tablets is indicated for the treatment of relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS), to include relapsing-remitting disease and active secondary progressive disease, in adults     
___________________________________ hosts an events page to find MS Events Events Page

Monday, February 1, 2016

TSA Disability Card for travel

Did you know the Federal Transportation Security Association offers a downloadable travel identification card for those with disabilities?
Using this card may help a disabled person more easily get through security checkpoints.

It can be downloaded from this link:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Multiple Sclerosis Support Groups in OHIO

There are many support groups for Multiple Sclerosis throughout the state of OHIO. The problem is sometimes finding them. There are a lot of pages out there on the web that list local groups. Rather than try and duplicate them I will instead make a listing here so you can go directly to the link and find a group in your area.

Multiple Sclerosis Support Group web page listings for OHIO

MSFocus has a page that lists several groups by county throughout Ohio.

Ohio MS is an online Facebook Support group with over 100 members

This page at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society lists groups in Southern Ohio

The OhioBuckeye NMSS list of groups is here:

Columbus MS Friends Support group offers many resources for those in that area offers several very good Online Support groups for MS.

This page on list 11 Online support groups that are all very good

There are also many pages on Facebook and Accounts on Twitter that offer support for Multiple Sclerosis. Use the search feature. I post info in the MSOhioBuckeye National Multiple Sclerosis Society Facebook Group when I can.