Thursday, October 12, 2017

MSWorld Talks Free Healthy Care Event in Cleveland at Intercontinental Hotel November 10! Sign up now!

MSWorld and The Cleveland Clinic are hosting a free MSTalks Healthy Living with MS event at the Intercontinental Hotel on November 10 for patients and caregivers. All are invited and encouraged to sign up and attend. Free Valet parking, fun and informative sessions and free lunch included! See:

Friday, September 22, 2017

Online MS Fatigue Study

Do you have multiple sclerosis? 
Do you experience fatgue?  

If YES, partcipate in a research study that aims to  reduce the impact of fatigue on quality of life. 

You are invited to partcipate in a study examining patterns of fatigue over time and the relationship between fatigue and quality of life 
in people with multiple sclerosis.   

 Partcipatng in this study will last 3 months and will  include filling out questionnaires and wearing an activity monitor. 
We will pay you for your participation in this study.  No face-to-face meetings are needed. 

Eligibility Criteria: You must have multiple sclerosis,  experience at least mild fatigue, and ages 18 to 76 years.   
This study is being offered by Dr. Matthew Plow at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals.    

For more information, please call our research office at (216)368-0643  

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

A new wrist wearable device to cool or warm your body

We all know that temperature affects mano of us with Multiple Sclerosis. Now comes Embrlabs with its new technology called the
Ember Wave. You wear it on your wrist and it provides a cooling effect like an ice cube on your wrist or a warming effect like a cup
of coffee. It isnt going to help on an 85 degree day outside but will help in those instances when you are inside and feel overheated.
You can preorder and join the kickstarter campaign and check it out at this link: